PSPN Cloud Phone FAQ

If you feel a little overwhelmed please remember that our basic service is very easy to setup and use. All you need is an internet connection, a soft-phone and a PSPN account to make calls anywhere in US 48 states and Canada. There is no fee to setup Worldwide Long Distance at your request.

How does it Work?

  • You pay a monthly service fee, additional minutes are ‘pay as you go’.
  • World Wide Long Distance is instantly available at your request.
  • You can access our customer portal to view call records, long distance rates and top-up your reserve.

What is ‘Pay as you go’?

We take payment through PayPal, the most secure online payment method. You do not need to have a PayPal account to make payment, you can use any credit or debit card.

If your account balance goes below the $10.00 you will receive an email notice. If your account balance goes below zero you will not be able to make or receive calls. You can add fundes to your reserve by logging into our website Member Portal.

What do you mean by Telephone Network?

You can add more phone numbers to your account. All calls between PSPN phone numbers are free, anywhere in the world.

What about regular Long Distance Calls?

We offer excellent International Rates. You can check present rates through the Member Portal on our website.

What is VOIP?

Simply put VOIP, (Voice Over Internet Protocol), is a voice system that works over the Internet instead of using a land-line or a Cellphone Tower. You won’t need any hardware to make calls, just free software that adds an Internet telephone your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Why is it so cheap?

Typical phone companies use switching stations, cell-towers and other expensive hardware to route calls. PSPN uses software and the Internet to route your calls.

With PSPN Basic Service, all calls within lower US 48 States and Canada are free for the first 400 minutes. After that calls are only $0.02 per minute.

What all do I need?

To make calls you will need (1) PSPN account, (2) internet connection, (3) computer or smart device (4) soft-phone software.

What is a Soft-Phone?

A soft-phone is software that acts much like a cellphone. Soft-phones typically have more features than a typical cellphone. Our favorite is Zoiper because it has so many useful features and it’s FREE!

What are advantages over regular phones?

  • No Contract
  • Calls are $0.02 per minute and ‘pay as you go’.
  • Our long distance rates are very competitive.
  • Calls are free if both use PSPN.

Any disadvantages?

Note that you will need an Internet connection to make and receive calls.

Can I have a Custom Caller ID?

Many other VOIP providers don’t offer custom Caller IDs in the US. For a small fee we place a 15 character Caller ID for you.

Can I have a Local Phone Number?

Our inventory of phone numbers is larger than most other providers but area codes are limited. If you would like a number that is local to your area please contact us.

What about SMS?

We do have SMS for our phone numbers for a small fee.

Can I forward my calls?

Yes, you can forward calls through our website Member Portal.

What if there is no internet connection?

If you plan on going where there is no Internet access you may want a Direct Access Phone Number. With Direct Access you can make a call from any regular phone, enter a key-code then make your VOIP call.

Can I get Call Activity Reports?

Yes, our Member Portal offers detailed call information and history.