PSPN VOIP – Making Calls

There are several ways to make calls using PSPN VOIP. Because VOIP calls travel on the Interent it is much more portable than PSTN, regular switched phone network. Here are some ways you can make calls.

Smart Device, Table & SmartPhone

You can download a SoftPhone program, sometimes called an “app” to your computer, table or SmartPhone . There are many such programs and we think that Zoiper is the best choice because it has the best features in a FREE SoftPhone. You will need to update 3 settings for the SoftPhone …more info here Zoiper. You can then make calls when you are connected to the Internet. For your SoftPhone program to make a call it needs to connect to the VOIP server. If you loose your connection or if you are away from home you will see a “not connected” notice on your SoftPhone display. Once you connect to WiFi again the display will change to “ready” and you will be able make and receive calls. There are many WiFi hotspots today in coffee shops grocery stores etc.

Computer & Wireless Phone

Your computer may be connected through a network cable or most likely WiFi. Zoiper will tell you if it is connected to the VOIP server. If you are working from home you are probably used a conventional PSTN Phone (Public Switched Telephone Network). A conventional wireless phone is usually preferable in a business environment where others may not have immediate access to a smart device or the computer is off. Any conventional PSTN Phone can be connected to your PSPN VOIP service through a VOIP Router. The VOIP Router allows you to make or receive calls with any PSTN phone. These routers are inexpensive and we recommend the Grandstream Handtone 502 …more info here HT 502. Some advantages of using the router is that you can extend your wireless telephone reception by using a longer cable from your Internet router or modem to the VOIP router. You can also take your VOIP Router with you when traveling. As long as you can plug it in to an internet connection you should be able to make calls.

Direct Access VOIP Line

PSPN VOIP offers Direct Access VOIP lines that allow you to make calls when you don’t have access to your VOIP device. A Direct Access VOIP Line lets you call from any phone in US48 states or Canada. You will have a 4 digit pin so others cannot call through your VOIP account. The way it works is you pick up the PSTN Phone and dial your VOIP Direct Access Line then enter your pin to get a dial tone. One advantage of using a Direct Access Line is that you have all the capabilities of your account at hand. You can even make overseas calls if your account it setup for that. PSPN VOIP does not charge to activate overseas calls for your account and rates are very competitive. You can check rates by logging into your account portal.