Voice Messaging

  • The total allowed voicemail messages on a Single Mailbox is 100.
  • Voicemail messages must be at least 3 seconds long to be recognized as a real message.
  • The Maximum Time for a Voicemail message is 3 minutes.
  • 5 Seconds of Silence will end each Voicemail Recording.

Voicemail Greeting Customization:

Dial *97 (Asterisk 97) from your VOIP phone, wait for the Voicemail menu and select the option “0” (Voicemail options) and then the option “4” (Temporary message) there you will be able to record your greeting and save it.

Voicemail Access Codes:

You can access your voicemail from any device connected to your account using the codes below.

*97 is used to access directly the Mailbox associated to the account you are dialing from. If you would like to check which mailbox is associated to your account refer to Assign Voicemail

*98 can be used if you have more than one Mailbox account. You will be asked for a Mailbox ID and Password.

You can also check your Voicemail from any non-VOIP phone by dialing your VOIP number. Wait for the Voicemail prompt then press the asterisk key (*). You will be asked for the Mailbox ID and Password. Once you are logged in to your Voicemail, press “0” for options, you can also record your greeting from there by selecting option “4“.

Navigate the Voicemail Menu

Once you access your voicemail you will hear the number of new and old messages you have in the mailbox. Below is a list of options you have with the voicemail menu.

1 – Play the first new or old message available in your mailbox.
2 – Change folders. This option allows you to change to another folder in order to hear the messages you have stored in that folder.

0 – New Messages
1 – Old Messages
2 – Work
3 – Family
4 – Friends
# – Cancel

0 – Voicemail options where you can change your greetings and record your name, also you can change the password for your voicemail.

1 – Unavailable message
2 – Busy message*
3 – Name
4 – Temporary out of office message*
5 – Change Password
* – Return to the Main Menu

Important Notes:
* Messages marked (*) may not be supported.
* To Delete a Recording you can just record again, a moment of silence, or create a new recording overwriting the old.
* Please note that if you change the password over the phone (Option 5), it will not change at your customer portal. Voicemail options,
and you will have to manually change the password there. Please contact support if you need help changing your password.

The following options are available when you’re listening to your messages.

3 – Advanced Options

1 – Send a reply. Currently not available.
2 – Message Envelope. Speak the date and time at which the message was received.
* – Return to the Main menu.

4 – Play the previous message.
5 – Repeat the message.
6 – Play the next message.
7 – Delete the current message, without confirmation.
8 – Forward message to another user. Prompt for the internal extension number.

1 – Prepend the message with a recording.
2 – Send the message without a prepending message.