VOIP Calling

Because VOIP is an Internet service, it has different characteristics than a land-line telephone service. It would be impossible to explain all of the aspects of VOIP here but will give a simple example of how VOIP works.

All devices connected ‘directly’ to the Internet have a unique IP address, this is how computers find each other. Your Internet Service Provider furnishes a modem (sometimes called a router) which connects to the Internet using an IP address. Other Internet devices you own connect through your modem by using the modem’s IP address.

Your VOIP device connects to the VOIP server using your modem’s (or other modem’s) IP address to make and receive calls. When it connects it ‘registers’ using your modem’s IP address so it knows how to ‘route’ your calls.

VOIP Static Devices
VOIP calling is straight forward for static home or office use. Once your router is set you should be able to make and receive calls with no further settings. A mobile device will require it’s own settings. For anyone who is having trouble please read below before contacting PSPN support.

A Simple Registration Example
You turn or pick up on your VOIP phone, it connects through your modem to the VOIP server and says ‘here I am at this IP address’. The server says ‘you are now registered’ I will route all of your calls to that IP address.

VOIP Registration Issues
If you cannot get a dial tone or your calls are going directly to your voicemail, chances are you are not registered properly with the server. One cause might be that your IP address has changed or you have changed locations and the server still has you registered under the previous IP address. Usually this is resolved by rebooting the device or restarting your smartphone software program.

Most VOIP devices will have a ‘register expires’ setting. If you are using a VOIP mobile device you could set ‘register expires’ to zero so dialing out would re-register the IP every time you make a call.

If you are using a softphone like Zoiper you can turn off ‘register on start’ to cause a new registration with each call. If you are moving around a lot you may want to use this tactic to let the server know where you are.

VOIP Marketing:
We like to assist our customers in taking advantage of VOIP for their business. PSPN offers business Internet services not mentioned here so feel free contact us about your online business needs.

Good Marketing Practice:
Our VOIP services are not intended for ‘cold calling’ or aggressive marketing campaigns. We reserve the right to cancel anyone who uses our services for aggressive telephone activities.