VOIP Software

Zoiper will know what type of device you have so it’s easy to install. Just load Zoiper, enter the settings and you are ready to make and receive calls.

Zoiper Settings

  • Once you have loaded Zoiper to your device open the app and click the ‘config’ button/tab.
  • Click ‘accounts’, ‘add new’ and enter a reference name for this account and set ‘network’, transport settings to TCP.
  • Enter the settings we emailed to you for the host, user name and password.

Desktop Computer
Zoiper is a great addition to your computer desktop. If your computer is connected to the Internet then all you need is Zoiper to make calls.

Mobile Devices
If you will be using a portable device you can set ‘enable on start’ to off. This will enable your device to register when moving from one location to another.